Never again be late for school!!

How do you usually get to school? Do you take the bus and so when you’re late you can blame the bus driver? Does your mum run you to school and it’s her fault when you’re late. Or do you walk and spend the journey thinking of a good reason why you’ve entered the classroom after the bell has rung.


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Now you need worry no more

Before school starts after the summer, take a special training course with Yves Rossy and learn how to fly his jet pack wings. Yes, that’s right- you could be flying to school next year.

Rossy used to be a fighter pilot. He has been working on his jet-propelled wings for more than 20 years. The latest version which weighs 120-pounds is made from airplane-type carbon fiber and powered by four Jet-Cat P200 kerosene-burning engines, similar to those used in model airplanes. You can fly up to 50km with these wings, so if you happen to forget your homework, don’t tell the teacher. You will still have enough flying time to go back home and pick it up.

Fly, fly, fly…

Over the last 15 years, Yves Rossy has used his brilliant invention to fly over the Grand Canyon, fly alongside an F-17 bomber and even circle Japan’s Mt. Fuji. However, his latest flight in Dubai is the best yet. That’s because this time the adventurer joined forces with his protégé, 31-year-old skydiver and base jumper Vince Reffet, to do what no human has accomplished before – fly in formation! Rossy is interested in encouraging other people to share his experiences. He’s willing to train others in how to fly his wings so you never know- you might be the lucky one taking off soon.

You can watch Rossy and Reffet  flying together in formation here


  • Blame someone(a verb) – say someone is guilty of doing something
  • It is someone’s fault- ( a noun) give someone the blame
  • The bell- (a noun)the object that is rung to start and finish school
  • Joined forces with someone( an expression)- to work with someone on a project
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