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Photography is probably one of the most favorite hobby of all times.  it’s now even easier than before with digital cameras, digital lenses and computer storage.  Some people can even take superb photos with their telephones!

If you are a kid and like photography, you should check out Nat Geo Kids! My Shot.  This is an online community for you to share your fantastic photos with the world.  You might even have your photo land in the best of category, or the photo of the day!

Lego photo made by kid National Geographic

What’s going on in here? Problems at the carwash?

The FAQs are here,  but the photos speak for themselves!

If you upload a photo to the My Shot site, be sure to link to it in the comments here, so we can see it, too.

What’s your hobby, kids?  Tell us in the comments!

Cat selfie style photo made by kid for National Geographic Kids

Cat selfie?


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