Much more than bad weather

If you’ve ever spoken to anyone about their travels in Scotland, for sure these words came up a lot in conversation- bad weather, wet, lots of rain, cold, freezing, rained cats and dogs…The list of words for the Scottish weather is endless.

But those of you who have crossed the border at Carlisle into the land of the Scots will know it truly is much, much more than just bad weather.

Fish and chips, Sean Connery, the Scottish islands, friendly people, Scottish accents, whisky, Nessie …

Again the list is endless.

It really is no wonder that the English didn’t want to lose us.

And one of the many highlights not to be missed is the West Highland Line. Voted recently as one of the world’s most scenic rail journeys, this steam train goes from Glasgow to Fort William and Mallaig. It runs through some of the most spectacular scenery of Scotland’s finest lochs and mountains. And of course you’ll pass over the Glenfinnan Viaduct, crossing the River Finnan just as Harry Potter did many times on his way north.


You can enjoy part of the journey by watching this video!

From Mallaig you can cross over to the isle of Skye and enjoy much more of what makes Scotland great. The crossing can be done over the new bridge, by ferry or by the old Glenelg ferry, a delight not to be missed.That is if they  aren’t cancelled because of the bad weather!!!

Watch this video to see the Glenelg Ferry!


  • Rained cats and dogs- rained a lot
  • Endless (adj)- very, very long with no end
  • Scenic (adj)- with beautiful scenery
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