Movember, Men’s Health Movement

Probably you have realized that all of a sudden there are loads of moustaches around, but  do you know why?

This is not because it is finally beginning to get cooler and guys can feel the breeze on their faces. It all  goes much deeper than that.

Back in 2003 a group of Canadians decided to grow their moustaches to make the population aware of prostate cancer after one of their friends was diagnosed with it. That is when the  MOVEMBER started.  In order to make it stand out, they have put together the words “movement” and “November,” to make MOVEMBER.  That makes it really easy to remember!

Since then, the movement has been growing and spreading among many nations and we are all using moustaches in many ways to teach and make everyone aware of  men’s health problems.

Choose your weapon

Movember moustaches weapons

Are you growing yours? How are you supporting the cause?


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One comment on “Movember, Men’s Health Movement
  1. Owain says:

    Actually I hadn’t thought about it until Javier, a member of our sales team, came into the office sporting a strange little moustache. When he explained it was for Movember, it rang a bell; I’d heard it of before, a long time ago, but I’d forgotten about it.

    I thought about doing it myself but it was already halfway through November so I didn’t to leave it till next year. It’s a good cause!

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