Mini Theatre – one-act plays in English

Here’s how mini-theatre feels

Intense. Intimate. An experience in itself. And as close as you can get to “in-your-face theatre” where the audience isn’t required to participate.

Here’s what mini-theatre is

4 black box performance spaces connected by a darkened corridor. The audience is split into small groups (12-15 people). Each group “colour” is called and taken to their first play; they watch it, and then return to the bar. Then their “colour” is called again, and they’re taken to their second play (drink in hand) etc. The 4 plays run almost simultaneously, for 2, 3, or 4 times a night – depending on audience numbers.

Here’s the mini-theatre vibe

Cool and funky. Mini-theatre began in Argentina. It spread to Paris, then Madrid, and arrived in Barcelona in 2013. In May 2014, plays in English were added to the existing list of Castellano and Catalan plays. It is reaching out to the multi-lingual community to provide quality drama in intense spaces. We will continue to grow in English and other languages – to invite writers who are keen to find a platform to submit their original work, to encourage new actors to be involved, and to join this growing cross-cultural community where some of the plays in English are already being translated into Catalan and Castellano for performance later in 2014.

Here’s what the mini-theatre audience are saying

Barcelona Connect: “Dynamic, powerful, lots of fun”

Relevant BCN (May):“unique & enjoyable” Culturaca: “Highly recommended.”

Relevant BCN (June) “original, challenging and exciting…excellent theatre.”

July’s Plays are

A comedy, a thriller, a drama, and a comedy – the viewing order depends on when you arrive at the theatre and purchase the ticket.  Themes cover: plastic surgery (at will) in the future; a grief-stricken man meets a woman who’s just the opposite; a noir thriller between a man and a woman set on a train; and a woman searching for something, who finds more than she bargained for.

Plaesthetics by John Lane

Actors: Stella Fernández ● Melody McMillian

Tagline: Welcome to the future: the difference is cosmetic.

This Flight Tonight by Hunter Tremayne

Casey Pierce ● Hunter Tremayne

Tagline: When Trevor’s wife died, he didn’t think things could get any worse. Then he met Caprice…

Death On The Tracks by Georgina Tremayne

Actors: Alba Guilera ● Ed Brown

Tagline: Never bet on a platinum blonde.

The Summoning by Hunter Tremayne

Actors: Aline Davis. Clare Tutte

Tagline: Mary summoned a demon from hell. She wasn’t expecting lipstick.

Where and when?

  • Every Sunday in English 7:30pm (finish 9:30pm)
  • July 6, 13, 20, 27
  • c/Robador 22 (next to the Filmoteca) Metro: Liceu
  • 11 euros for all 4 plays (cash or credit card at the box office from 7pm)
  • Secure reservations by emailing with your name and date of show.

Mini-Theatre in English runs until the end of July, takes a break in August – and is back in September.

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