Merry Christmas! Christmas in the UK!

Christmas is just about here! Although we are used to celebrating it the same way year after year, it is also interesting to know how it is celebrated in other countries. Take the UK for example:

Usually Christmas in the UK is celebrated with your family. Families normally decorate a Christmas tree, they place it somewhere in the house and also use other types of decorations such as holly, ivy and mistletoe. Christmas lights are all over the place and at the beginning of November everyone goes to see the impressive display as the lights are switched on for the first time that year.


Nativity plays and carols are performed so that people can remember the origin of the celebration and have a nice time. Even more fun is the tradition of the pantomime.  This is a type of play that leans heavily on slapstick comedy, and is open to all ages. The panto doesn’t always have Christmas as a theme-  but usually it is based loosely on a fable or fairytale, or some other commonly known story. You can see a bit of Jack and the Beanstalk here:

If you’re headed to London, have a look at what you could see here!

On Christmas Day, the meal is eaten either at lunchtime or early in the afternoon; either way we call it “Christmas Dinner.” Roast turkey with vegetables and trimmings is the typical meal to have this day. Cranberry sauce and bread sauce are the most popular side dishes.


Trifle, Christmas pudding, mince pies and chocolates are used as desserts. So, while the food maybe different than what we eat in Spain, the feeling of being really full from Christmas overeating is something that we have in common with the Brits!


Sometimes children leave mince pies and brandy for Father Christmas to eat and drink whilst he leaves the presents. Just like in other countries, children write their letters listing their requests; however, instead of putting them in the post, they are tossed into the fireplace.

You’d better put pen to paper and get your letter ready for Father Christmas!


  • Mistletoe: A plant having yellowish flowers and white berries used in Christmas decorations.
  • Mince pie: A small round pastry tart filled with mincemeat.
  • Trimmings: An accompaniment or garnish to a main dish.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

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One comment on “Merry Christmas! Christmas in the UK!
  1. Owain Wilson says:

    Ah, Christmas time! Thanks Loreto. After reading your article, I’m starting to get into a festive mood and really looking forward to going back to the UK.

    Merry Christmas!!

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