Love me, love my dog!!

We love our dogs right?? We walk them, feed them, speak to them, cuddle and caress them, they’re another member of our family. And we have many expressions related to dogs.- Love me, love my dog, I’m as sick as a dog, his bark is worse than his bite, he’s in the dog house, and so on. (check out the meaning in the vocabulary section)

If further evidence of our love is needed, there’s a list as long as your arm of accessories for dogs, you only need to look on Amazon and you’ll find yourself on your computer all morning scrolling through the pages on offer for our canine friends.

And it now seems that our cats are getting in on the action too, they’re becoming as demanding. We all know that cats groom each other, it’s their way of social bonding. And we are usually left out of this ritual between our furry friends.  Not anymore. You can buy a Licki brush to bring you closer to your cat. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to lick your cat, it’s a brush with a tongue- intrigued?? You can read about it here.

It promises this-  By using LICKI with your cat on a regular basis, you’ll develop a more intimate and bonded relationship, much like a mama cat bonds with her young.

Sounds good right?? No longer will your cat feel like the poorer relation to its doggie rivals. And if they’re in any doubt, whisper some of these cat expressions to them and they’ll soon be purring again. Has the cat got your tongue? There’s not enough room to swing a cat, and the cat’s out the bag.


  • Love me, love my dog- If you love someone, you need to love everything about them.
  • I’m as sick as a dog- I’m really ill.
  • His bark is worse than his bite- His words are worse than his actions.
  • He’s in the dog house- He’s done something bad and he’s disgraced.
  • Has the cat got your tongue? Said to a person who’s not saying a lot.
  • There’s not enough room to swing a cat- Describes a very small space.
  • The cat’s out the bag- A secret has been told.

Cats or dogs- which one does it for you?

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