Love a tree day!

Did you even know this day existed?

Each year, on the 16th of May in the US, the moment to celebrate “National Love a Tree Day” arrives. One of the reasons why it is celebrated in May is because this is when trees are covered in new leaves and they are in flower. Spring is in the air, and trees burst into life after the long winter.

Trees contribute to the environment in many ways. They not only provide oxygen, but they also preserve soil, help control erosion, support wildlife, offer incredible views (if you dare to climb them:)) and improve the climate.

Trees do all that and more. Scientists say that trees even talk to each other.  Are you skeptical?  If so, watch this great Ted talk about one researcher and her plan to prove that trees communicate with each other.

Now is the time for you to show love and affection for these marvellous plants which enable us to live. This holiday  is mainly celebrated in America, although some other countries participate, too.

People show their love in several ways such as: giving them a hug, fertilizing them, watering them, organizing tree planting activities or even composing songs/poems which honor them.

What do you think?  Is this just another crazy holiday, or is it a worthy homage to a silent eco warrior?

How can you show a tree you love it?

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