Looking for Adam

If women think all the decent guys in their thirties are married, then finding decent men in their fifties and sixties is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So what did this guy do for his mom?

Eva, 69, was born in the Czech Republic. She has been single for some time, and her son, Alex truly believes it’s time for her to find someone again. So, he has been filming her for over a year and has edited these clips to make a video that can help her to find a boyfriend through youtube. Eva knew that her son was filming her, but she didn’t know why, so the clips are unscripted and show her doing everyday things.

They live in Norway but Alex hopes to widen the net and to make the most of the Internet by finding more dating possibilities for his mom by posting this video.

How do you find a suitable guy for Alex’s mom? By finding someone who shares some of her interests. Eva seems pretty outdoorsy, so her potential partner should like nature, and she also knows how to chill. Are you the kind of person who likes outdoor sports but also beer and art? Then you could be the man Eva is looking for. You could be her Adam! Alex Lyngaas is still accepting candidates. Good luck!


  • looking for a needle in a haystack (idiom) : something that is impossible or extremely difficult to find.
  • widen the net (idiom) :  make room for more possibilities.
  • unscripted (adj) : that has not been planned for or anticipated.
  • outdoorsy (ajd) : of, associated with, or fond of the outdoors.

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