Look, no hands?

We’re surely all aware that we’re currently going through a huge revolution in the transport industry. We first heard the concept of self-driving cars many moons ago, and it seems that this is going to be part of our lives very, very soon.

Proof of this can be seen with Uber already testing self-automated taxis in service. Autonomous Uber cars are being sent to Pittsburgh-residing Uber users at random, meaning you aren’t able to specifically choose the cars currently. And the rides, for now, will be free of charge. because it is a trial phrase, There is a human being in the driver’s seat along with a person riding shotgun taking notes on a laptop about the ride.You can watch a news report here.

However this revolution is now going one step further with visions of pilotless planes now on the horizon. Pilots rely on autopilots for 95% of today’s flights, the argument goes, why not make the final 5% – take-off and landing – automated?” Supporters say computers fly ultra-precise, repeatable trajectories, do not fly drunk, do not get tired, do not get distracted and so the thinking goes could be safer than human pilots in the future. So maybe the biggest challenge to this idea will be getting passengers on board a plane in the first place. Somehow the idea of self-driving cars doesn’t strike the issue of fear in the same way. Is it because we’re just used to hearing about them?

You can read more about this idea here.


  • many moons ago- a long time ago
  • ride shotgun- accompany someone in a car

Would you board a plane if it was flying without a pilot? How is it any different to self-drive cars?

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