Let’s turn our attention to our summer holidays?

So now we have seen the back of  our Easter break, can we now turn our attention to our summer holidays? Surely not, some of you will be saying while others have already been flicking through the glossy travel brochures trying to reach an agreement with partner and children about what’s on offer.

Meanwhile you could also be thinking that staying at home this summer might be a more enticing option as research has revealed that going on holiday can be more stressful than staying in the office in the sweltering heat working.

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The study, carried out by the UK’s Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), questioned 2,500 of its members about attitudes towards summer breaks. Results showed that surprisingly almost half of its managers do not come back from a holiday feeling relaxed. An even more startling discovery was that many workers came back from a holiday more stressed than when they left. You might be asking yourself how this is possible. Well give yourself a pat on the back if you are not one of them because the survey also highlighted the fact that many of us are just not able to stray far from our workload. The researchers discovered that a high number of people polled can’t resist opening their computers just to check, and of course answer, any work e-mails, around 50 per cent make and take business-related phone calls and 10 per cent go into the office.

We can point an accusing finger at Information technology and the weakened global economy. Gone are the days when people cut off contact with work for a fortnight over the summer and made a complete break. While technology means that it is easier than ever to work remotely, it also makes it extremely hard to switch off. Furthermore we are all aware of our need to keep our finger on the pulse at work in case disaster strikes and we find ourselves out of work.

However despite this negativity, something we should ponder on in order to realise our need for a holiday is this- it takes a few days into a holiday to totally unwind and up to a week to fully get into holiday mode.

If this is not reason enough to switch off that magical off button, I don’t know what is!!

You can read more on this topic here , and watch the following video from coach David Brownlee.


  • Flick (n): a light and rapid movement.
  • Enticing(v): seductive.
  • Sweltering (adj): suffering from too much heat.
  • Pat on the back (idiom): praise, congratulations, or encouragement.
  • Ponder on (v): to consider something deeply, thoughtfully, and thoroughly.

How do you usually face your holidays? Leave us a comment!

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