Let’s get in the mood!!

It might not be snowing outside yet and the light switch hasn’t been put on to create Xmas magic in our streets but us at Go English are starting to feel that festive buzz.

Here’s a list of our favourite Xmas things.

  • Crackers– Xmas would not be Xmas without them. Pull them with your family and out pops the coloured paper hat, a plastic toy and a joke. The funny thing is when it’s cracker pulling time around the table, we all want to know what everyone got inside and laugh at the jokes.
  • Our lovely, new, red jumper that our granny has knitted us. We get one every year, sometimes red, sometimes green, months of work has gone into it and we know when we’re given our present from granny, we should prepare our gift face. Watch the Harvey Nichols Xmas ad- how to avoid a gift face!

  • Knowing what we will find at the bottom of our stocking a mandarin. And it’s not in there for health reasons- Fresh oranges used to be difficult to find during the war so getting one of these fruits in your stocking was a huge treat, and a way of celebrating the holiday.
  • Helping us count down to the 25th is our advent calendar. Every morning, starting on the 1st December a little door is opened, and out falls a little chocolate with a little picture of Xmas behind it. And finally we know the big day has arrived when we can open the double doors on the 25th. Let the celebration begin!!!
  • Xmas adverts– every year we are reminded of some of the delights and some of the sorrows of Xmas and Xmas adverts help us to not forget that not everyone is as fortunate.

Watch these two Xmas adverts.

Xmas ad- Xmas Lottery

John Lewis- Man on the Moon Xmas ad


  • Xmas- short for Christmas
  • Granny- grandmother
  • Gift face- the face we present to the world when saying how much we love a gift.
  • John Lewis- a department store in Britain similar to El Corte Ingles

Which is your favourite?

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