Let’s do something for nothing!!!

“Do something for nothing”, a movement created by Josh Coombes, a hairdresser that decided to help homeless people by doing what he does best: Cutting their hair. He decided to take to the streets of London and cut homeless people’s hair for free. Josh, apart from giving them a  trim, does what a  hairdresser does second best– he offers a sympathetic ear and tries mightily to cheer them up!


Josh has an Instagram account where he uploads a before and after picture of the people he helps. A homeless person has been through a lot, is often quite alone in the world, and they don’t usually have someone willing to listen what they have to say. he says that it’s incredible how a simple act such as cutting their hair can make such a difference in their day and make it a bit better!


He also makes it clear that these free haircuts are not only helping the homeless, they also benefit Josh. He feels inspired by the people he meets and their stories. They make his day brighter and they even lift his spirit up! Sometimes just by seeing them smile Josh says he  feels rewarded!



The Do Something For Nothing  movement was created to inspire people worldwide! To inspire as many people as possible to do something for nothing, whatever they want to do, just to show a little love and support to others. Even if you think it’s a small thing, do it! It might mean the world for someone else :)

If you decide to do it, share it with the hashtag #DoSomethingForNothing and let’s make this movement bigger and bigger!


  • Cheer up (phrasal verb)- to make happier
  • Willing (adj)- ready to act gladly
  • Reward (noun)- a consequence that happens to someone as a result of worthy or unworthy behavior

What can you give back?

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