Just do it! Don’t put learning English off anymore!

One of everybody’s new year resolutions is ‘This year I am going to learn English’. But it is true that this is a pending subject for lots of people. Jamie Keddie is an English teacher, educator, and storyteller. He uses storytelling in class as a means to focus on language, grammar, and vocabulary. He has written books and he has presented at conferences all over the world.

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Nowadays, online video has captured the minds of most people and Jamie has created Videotelling, the 21st  century resource for online classes.

He focuses mainly on using images and video in his classes and presents the teacher as a storyteller.

Here are some videos you can see on his YouTube channel. He explains how to use English grammar and English vocabulary through story-based work and interesting techniques to help you remember the right way to use the new language you learn from the stories.

If you are interested in seeing him speak, you can click here to see which is the nearest for you.


  • Resolutions (n) – promises, usually to do something positive
  • Captured (v)- caught
  • Pending (v) –  still waiting to have action taken

Just do it!

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