It’s Google Earth’s 10th Birthday!

Google Earth, the app which allows any mortal to look at the Earth from a computer screen or tablet, turned 10 years old on the 29th of June. It is considered along with Google Maps, one of the most amazing apps which has come from  Silicon Valley (California). Google Earth was released by the company called Where 2 Technologies in 2005.

Although most of us use this app to find places we already know such as our neighborhood or the place we visited in the summer, it is true that this app is a wonderful gem for those who have time to explore, discover and share what they have found.

In order to celebrate these 10 years, Google has created Voyager, a new feature that gives you quick access to some of the most interesting locations around the world. The first edition of Voyager has five sections; Street View integration, Earth View, 3D cities, satellite imagery updates and the Highlight Tour.

Google Earth

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An engineering team has added the 1500 most beautiful pictures of Google Earth. Amazing don’t you think?

Google earth

Google earth3 Google earth4


But Google Earth isn’t just beautiful images. It has different and important event. For example, in August 2005, the impact of Hurrican Katrina on the United States of America was made visible through Google Earth. This allowed the rescue service to identify the affected people more easily.


  • Gem (n): something prized because of its beauty or worth
  • Release (v): to allow to be known, issued, published, broadcast, or exhibited
  • Feature (n): characteristic
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