Is Facebook dead?

Is Facebook dead? Maybe.

Companies are unhappy with Facebook

More and more people are unhappy with Facebook after we learnt that a company in England called Cambridge Analytica used information from Facebook to try to change the American election results in 2016.

And many people are now deleting their accounts. Elon Musk, the man behind TESLA, asked “What’s Facebook?” on his Twitter account and then deleted the TESLA Facebook page. Brian Acton, who helped to start Whatsapp, also says it is time to delete Facebook.

Also, many companies don’t want to advertise on Facebook. Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, and Commerzbank, the second largest bank in Germany, are stopping their advertising.

Young people don’t like Facebook

It is not just companies that are asking if Facebook is good for them. When I teach in schools or universities, I ask students what social media they use. They tell me they prefer other social media. They use Instagram or Snapchat. In fact, the majority of young people never use Facebook. They tell me that Facebook is for old people! So perhaps, if Facebook is not dead, it is dying!

Is it a good idea to delete Facebook?

I don’t use Facebook a lot. Maybe I think about the dangers of Facebook. I do not use my real name but I am sure it is possible to find me. In fact, I use it less and less.

But sometimes, it is nice to have news from people who live far away in other countries or other cities. It is a good way to communicate with some people.

And many people are saying that if we delete Facebook, maybe we need to delete other social media too!

I use WhatsApp but I think that WhatsApp is more private than Facebook.

How do you delete Facebook?

They say that it is not very easy to delete your Facebook account because some information stays online. But this video shows you how to delete your account if you want to try!

And if you delete your account, your Facebook will be dead for you!

What about you? Are you thinking of deleting your Facebook account? Do you use Facebook? Do you use social media? Tell me in the comments section below!


company – organisation which sells things

delete – remove, eliminate

account – your personal area on a website

social media – communication with Internet. For example: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.


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