How to “cake” it

Everybody love cake!  You are going to be amazed when you see the kind of cakes Yolanda Gampp makes. Yolanda is a famous baker in the United States.  Inspired by her father who worked as a baker, Yolanda passionately began her career as a cake designer at an early age and took it more seriously than most. She learned from her father and kept on going, teaching herself all sorts of decorating techniques and baking tricks.

yolanda 1

Her incredibly realistic-looking cake creations – everything from a hamburger, to a human heart, to a keyboard for NKOTB’s Jordan Knight, to a beautiful Star Wars cake- can be seen in the pages of worldwide newspapers.  The best part?  Yolanda’s cakes taste even better than they look!

yolanda 2

yolanda 3

yolanda 4

Yolanda knows how to get the most from promoting her scrumptious designs and she has created her personal YouTube channel.

She shows how to create her incredible looking and tasting cakes. She also shows you what  fun sense of humor she has, so you can learn and laugh at the same time. You can “cake” it (or try to cake/make it) at home! Delicious!

Here are a few of  Yolanda’s clips teaching how to “cake” them:

Here is a disgusting but at the same time a delicious cake:


  • Baker (n): a person who makes and sells bread, cake, etc.
  • Get the most (v): to achieve the greatest output of work, effort, production, etc., out of someone or something.
  • Scrumptious (adj): extremely pleasing, esp. to the taste; delectable

Are you ready to “cake” it at home?


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