Horror movies… with a twist

For those who are not big horror movie fans or who just can’t sit through a whole film without running away or hiding under the blanket, here’s a way to see them in a different light… or not.

The Exorcist recut as an 80’s sitcom

Stephen King’s IT recut as a family film

And for those who love the chills and thrills of real horror, this is a quick fix before Halloween

Mrs Doubtfire recut as a horror movie

Forrest Gump recut as a horror movie


– To sit through something: to stay until the end of something

– To see something under a different light: to see something from a different point of view, in a different way

– Fix: (Slang) An amount or dose of something craved, especially a drug, although it could be used in a figurative way to refer to anything one likes.

Do you like horror movies? Which one is your favourite? Can you think of any non-horror film with potential to become the next terror blockbuster?


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