Hello Goodbye! The Fabulous Fall Show from the Barcelona Improv Group

“Hello, Goodbye” sang the Beatles in November, 1967. 48 years later BIG says “Hello Goodbye!” in our fabulous fall show.

Our November show is about beginnings and endings. The BIG IF is over for another year and fall is upon us. New friends have been made and old friends have departed. Light is scarce and we warm our hands on steaming mugs of tea. All good things must come to an end so that new, better things can come to pass. As Hermann Hesse said: “A magic dwells in each beginning.”


As always, we will be asking the audience for suggestions. We want to hear about beginnings and endings, a first day at school or losing a baby tooth, an old car or a new home, a broken heart or love at first sight, giving up smoking or discovering a brand new muesli brand….just write them on a slip of paper right before show – and then watch us play, inspired by your adventures!

Goodbye for now – and hello on Friday, November 27th!


  • Steaming-  so hot that steam, or vapor, is rising off of it.
  • Mug-  a big solid-type of cup.
  • Slip of paper- a very small piece of paper.

Have fun!

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