Happy Halloween from the White House!

Once again, the first family welcomed children to the White House.  They did it on Easter  and this Monday was the moment to celebrate Halloween at the White House. They invited local children and children of military families to trick-or-treat at the White House which was decorated for the occasion.

This year’s outdoor decor theme was “A Storybook Journey,” featuring decorations inspired by stories including Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. It sounds sweet, but it  involved some scary bunny puppet things. Spooky!


The President and the First Lady greeted all the children and they handed out cookies, M&Ms, kettle corn and fruit bars.  They made much of all their wonderful costumes the children wore. President Obama even  got to meet a mini version of himself. The President doesn’t think his hair is quite as gray as the child’s costume made him out to be.

Out on the lawn, a relatively new Halloween tradition took place.  Obama gave a funny speech to children and they danced like zombies along to the famous “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.


  • Trick-or-treat: The ultimatum given by children who call on houses to solicit gifts at Halloween.
  • Spooky (adj): causing a feeling of fright;scary
  • handed out (vb): to give or distribute; pass out

What is the typical activity in your country for these days?


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