Happy 30th birthday Super Mario!

Your mustached Italian plumber is having his special day! Super Mario Bros is considered the best-selling video game– over 20 years selling 40 million copies. This American-Italian plumber, who has to defeat little creatures in order to rescue his love, was created by Shigery Miyamoto in 1985. He lives in a magical world full of mushrooms and coins and fantastic creatures. And who can forget classic characters of this game such as Yoshi or Princess Peach and, of course, his younger brother Luigi?

Super Mario Bros start screen

Super Mario Bros is the game which all of us have grown up with to the extent that in 1993 the popular franchise published a film about the little  plumber called “Super Mario Bros The Movie”, not surprisingly one of the worst movies ever.

30 years later people are still discovering Easter eggs in this video game but the last and possibly most important hidden surprise was found by gamer and it was a new infinite 1 UP. Amazing, don’t you think?

Super Mario getting his infinite 1-up

This week the annual video game conference E3- Electronic Entertainment Expo is being held in Los Angeles and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Super Mario Bros game this year, Nintendo has created a new videogame called Mario Maker, which allows gamers to play and create their own Mario levels.

Happy birthday Mario!


  • Plumber (noun): A person who install and repairs pipes fixtures… for water or gas.
  • Defeat (verb): To overcome; to win against someone
  • Trick (noun): A clever act
  • Easter egg: In gamer’s terms this is a surprise hidden in a game

Super Mario Bros Wii

Have you ever played Super Mario? When was the first time?

Do you like videogames? Which are your favourite?

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