Halloween…why? Why not?

“Que celebremos Halloween es como si en Wisconsin bajasen de romería por el Mississippi al Cristo de los Faroles” is a phrase that finds its way onto your fb feed and into your whatsapps this time of year.  But, does it really bother you that Halloween seems to be catching on in Spain? Is it really such a horrible thing that traditions change, are replaced, and die out?

Halloween is probably one of the most popular exports from the US of A.  Hollywood has made sure of that.  What kid wouldn’t like dressing up like someone (or something!) else, going door to door with friend, saying “Trick or treat” and voilà-  free candy!?!  Admit it, when you were a kid, and saw this easy way of filling up with as much sugar as you could carry, you wished it was a tradition here, too.

In most cases, newly imported celebrations, like Halloween, can live more or less happily side-by-side with their native counterparts, in this case, All Saints’ Day.

But what happens when new festivals and celebrations start taking the place of traditional ones? Is it always a bad thing?  In some cases the changes are relatively innocuous, like Santa Claus finally putting Spain on his list of destinations for Christmas Eve, so children can have their toys earlier in the holidays.  Sometimes they are improvements, like couples giving each other a book AND a rose on St Jordi´s day.  And there are even some traditions most of us would like to see die out altogether, like blood sports.


  • To catch on:  to become popular
  • Candy:  what Americans call “sweets”
  • Counterpart: equivalent

So, let us know in the comments section below.

What do you think about imported traditions? Are there any traditions you would like to see die out?

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2 comments on “Halloween…why? Why not?
  1. Robert says:

    Well, i think we live in interesting time and our world become smaller. Many people have different culture experience, this can help us to understand other people and invent something new by mixing our cultures.

    • C. South says:

      That’s so very true, Robert. It’s nice to hold onto your own tradition and adopt others, as well, and end up with a big happy mix!

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