English Grammar like you’ve never learned it before

Have you ever wondered what the expression “i.e.” means? Or how to use “whom”? Textbooks, grammar manuals and lately the Internet are our main sources of information when in doubt about how to say or write something. We’ve got to admit that language learning resources are not always the most fun things, and probably one would get out more from them were they less boring.


Even native speakers have problems of the with the spelling of certain words in their own language and the use of punctuations marks. The Oatmeal has a collection of seriously funny charts that explain some tricky aspects of the English language, from the usage of the semicolon or the apostrophe and the meaning of ‘literally’ to the most commonly misspelled words.

If you like this kind of stuff, you’ll find lots of comic strips and quizzes in the website, including this one to test your spelling skills for twitter.

Ready for the challenge?

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