Girls just want to have fun

As Cyndi Lauper told us in her hit version in 1983, girls just want to have fun. If you need reminding, click on the link below.

And of course nowadays we know that we shouldn’t just be having fun because it’s fun. Having fun is a way to fight back at that 6 lettered word that’s become part of our lives- STRESS. Stress affects us in many ways, we’re lethargic, we get sick easier because our immune system is low, we don’t sleep so well and in a nutshell, we’re not much FUN to be around.

So look out for Saturday the 1st April- it’s been tagged as Fun Day- Get out and have some fun, and try to keep your mind in a positive attitude. Doing so can add an additional 8 years to your life, just by making sure you keep your mind off of stressful things. So whatever it might be, a picnic on the beach, getting together with friends, watching a movie, we hope you have fun.

Warning: 1st April is also April Fools Day in Britain- a day when people play pranks on each other. One famous prank involved Burger King. They published a full page advertisement in USA Today, announcing a new item on their menu: the Left-Handed Whopper. Especially designed for the 32 million left-handed Americans, the new burger included the same ingredients as the original Whopper, but all the condiments were rotated 180 degrees.

Thousands of customers went into restaurants to request the new sandwich, while many others requested their own ‘right handed’ version.

And one last word on the topic- Fun Day may only come once a year, but don’t let it be the only day of the year you have fun on! Try to keep your mind in a positive attitude, doing so can add an additional 8 years to your life, just by making sure you keep your mind off of stressful things and getting out to have a little Fun now and then!


  • lethargic-(adjective)  without energy
  • in a nutshell- ( expression) explaining something with long explanations
  • tagged- ( verb) labelled, called
  • pranks-(noun) jokes
  • condiments-(noun) salt, pepper, ketchup etc
  • request- (verb) ask for
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