Get kids involved in Thanksgiving!

Many Americans think of Thanksgiving as a cool holiday where you get to miss school, stuff your face with food, watch football all day and start shopping for Christmas. But what is the real meaning behind Thanksgiving? Let’s find out!

You can usually count on turkey and all the trimmings on every American table at Thanksgiving, but here are some more ideas.

Simpson thanksgiving

All this food takes quite a while to be cooked, so what do kids do while the adults are busy in the kitchen? Some crafts, maybe?


Get involved (v) : to include or contain as a necessary part.
To miss (v) : to fail to attend or be present for.
Trimmings (n) : usual or traditional accompaniments
Feast (n) : a large and sumptuous meal.

Which holilday do you like the most to celebrate with your family? How do you get kids involved?

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