Facebook has more than a billion users, has become part of our everyday life and is definitely one of the most popular social networks nowadays, but, are we using it sensibly?

For instance,  how well do you know your Facebook friends? Sure, some of them will write on your wall on your birthday, but would they let you celebrate it in their home?

Thanks to Facebook, having new a friend is just a click away. When you accept a friend request on Facebook, do you become real friends with that person? Or do you just Facebook stalk them online but never  really talk to them? What happens when your friend list starts growing?


Michael Mclaughlin heard about people doing a “spring cleaning” on their Facebook accounts which means deleting friends they don’t want to keep in touch with anymore. Michael, felt that his interactions with friends on social media have become too superficial, and decided that it would be a good idea to meet up with his Facebook friends face-to-face for a real catch up session and find out whether they could become real friends or if they deserved to be deleted forever. Check how he did here.

This man is now on a mission to meet all his Facebook friends. His journey around the US started in April when he had 365 Facebook friends and now he has more than 400. So far, Michael has met about one-third of his Facebook friends.


  • Sensibly: having or showing good sense or judgment.
  • Worth it: worthy of; meriting or justifying.
  • Catch up: to seize and take up (something) quickly.

Do you think he will meet them all? What do you think the word “friends” means in the times of social media? Tell us about your experience!

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