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Amsterdam is usually associated with tree-lined waterways, cyclists, and fresh air. But the Dutch capital actually has a surprising pollution problem.

Now one local designer has a plan to tackle the problem. Joris Lam has designed a series of birdhouses that light up and emit free Wi-Fi when air pollution levels fall to a healthy level.  This means that it motivates citizens who live in the city to use bike and public transportation more often by rewarding them with free WiFi when the air quality improves on their street. Free Wifi and healthier living! Two for one!

This project is called Tree Wifi. The devices are mounted to trees around the city. They have some LED lights which indicate air pollution levels in the immediate area. If the roof light becomes red it means the air quality is low and people on the street have to use their own data plan. When pollution levels dip below a specific threshold, the roof of the device glows green indicating that free Wi-Fi is available to passersby.

What a deal!


  • waterways (n): a river, canal, or other body of water serving as a route or way of travel or transport.
  • tackle (v): to work with or begin work on (something), so as to handle or solve it
  • dip below (v): reduce, decrease
  • threshold (n): the point or level at which something begins or changes
  • passersby (n): a person who walks by something on a street or road

What do you think about this new project?

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