Free burgers for life if your change your name

Mr Burger Australia  will give you burges for a lifetime if you change your surname to “Burger”. This means one burger per day for the rest of your life. You might be wondering why. Well, Mr. Burger believes this could brighten people’s day after last week’s heavy news: Brexit.

Mr Burger

All you have to do to is change your surname to Burger by filing an application form and then sending an email with the confirmation  to the Mr Burger team by 11:59 on July 31. Mr Burger will cover the change-of-name fee if you decide to go through the process. We know some people really love burgers!! So these might be good news for  those fellows who can’t live without a burger per day!


  • Lifetime: The period of time during which an individual is alive
  • Fellows: A mate
  • Willing to: Disposed

Would you be willing to do something like this?

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