Forwards or Backwards?

If you’re anything like me, you never know if the clock will go forward or go backward this weekend. Well, just so you know, 25th March at 1am, clocks will go forward by one hour. Yes, that’s right, an hour less of sleep. And it’s always puzzled me that we have to stay up until 1am in the morning to change our clocks. Would anyone really find out if we changed them at 10 o’clock or 11 o’clock at night on the previous day? Surely not!!

So really why do we have to change our clocks? In Britain, moving the clocks forward means that we are now in British Summer Time. And apparently the idea was first proposed as a way of saving energy because we make better use of the daylight hours, though there is no evidence to show if that is actually true.

And if you’re not sure whose idea it was originally, Benjamin Franklin, politician and inventor is the man to blame. He first came up with the idea while in Paris in 1784. He suggested that if people got up earlier, when it was lighter, then it would save on candles.

But it wasn’t introduced into Britain until much later. A man called William Willett published a leaflet titled, The waste of Daylight, pushing for the idea to be made law. He was a keen golfer and was unhappy when his golf game had to be cut short in the evening because the sun went down.

You can read more about British Summer Time here.

Or watch this video- Daylight Saving Time Explained



Puzzles me: confuses me

To blame: to hold someone responsible for something

Keen golfer: liked playing golf

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