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We live in a world where 40% of the food that we produce goes to waste. This crazy situation inspired a chef, now social entrepreneur, Adam Smith who thought; why not turn perfectly edible food that was being thrown away into delicious meals? He opened a café in Leeds a few months ago, founding the real junk food project, feeding his punters on goods that would otherwise have been thrown away by supermarkets, independent grocers and food banks.  He calls it interception, and this project speaks for itself!

The project has served 3,000 people hot meals in the cafe, and intercepted more than 10,000 kilos of waste since opening, the café applies a “pay as you feel” policy, so it´s open for everyone, you can even volunteer in exchange for your food. All food is welcome, whether it’s as simple as bread or vegetables, or as luxurious as caviar and truffles. The ingredients are cooked up into a menu that differs each day, depending on the produce available, with options for meat eaters and vegetarians, so everyone is catered for.

Based on the same idea of making clients feel at home, the Ziferblat  (meaning cloth face in Russian) is about to open in Manchester.  The saying “time is precious”, has acquired a new approach in this café, which is part of a chain which was founded in 2010 in Moscow. The main concept is visitors coming and managing their time and space, either relaxing and interacting with each other with a cup of tea, playing a table game or working on their laptops thanks to the free wifi provided. While there, you don´t pay for what you have, instead you pay for the time it takes you to have it.

At the entrance, customers pick an antique clock and note down the time they came in, then they pay 3 to 5 pence per minute, which makes a 10-minute coffee 0,50 p, cheaper than other coffee shops where you would have to pay around 3 pounds to grab a hot drink.


  • Punter (n) : Client
  • Intercept (v) : to stop, deflect, or seize on the way from one place to another; prevent from arriving or proceeding.
  • Precious (adj) : of high price or great value.
  • Grab (v) : to take possession of something.


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