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Do the names Elon Musk and Hyperloop ring any bells? Hopefully they do, but if not, for sure they’re names you will definitely be hearing more about in the future. So let’s fill you in a bit and then give you the latest news.

Who is Elon Musk? Here’s an extract from his CV:

Previous experience

– Co founded and sold PayPal.

– Founder and CEO of SpaceX an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company.  It was founded in 2002 with the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the colonization of Mars.

-Founder and innovator behind the idea of Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation system where pressurised capsules ride on an air cushion driven by motors and air compressors.

To give you an idea of how fast it travels, you could jump on Hyperloop in Barcelona and be in London in just under an hour and a half. You can check out more information and route times HERE.

A test track has been built in the Nevada desert where Hyperloop One, a private company are testing out speeds, capsule designs and travelling in vacuum environments. And the latest news is exciting news. The first ever successful test in the desert. A capsule travelled down the track for just over 5 seconds, reaching 70 miles per hour with a level of acceleration that falls somewhere between a Bugatti and an amusement park ride. The company plans to more onto the next phase in the project which has an objective of the capsule reaching speeds of 250 mph.


  • Test track: A prototype section of a Hyperloop tube transport system.
  • Vacuum: A space entirely devoid of matter.


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