Facebook turns 10!

Yes, incredible but true, Facebook is turning 10 years old this week.

2004 was when this phenomenon started and changed the way we interact with our friends completely. Nowadays we would not even begin to understand friendship without “likes”, “pokes”, “shares” and even “events”!  A bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture.

It is amazing, and at the same time scary, the massive impact this social network has had these past 10 years. It has facilitated keeping in touch with old friends and people that don’t live near enough for you to see too often. now you can keep track of what your friends all over the world are up to.

Check out The Musical in the video link and you will understand how addicted we are to Facebook, young and old alike:

Social networking is part of our lives and a whole generation has grown up with it. Definitely, they are the real addicts, using fb as naturally as a duck takes to water.

Have a look at this infographic about Facebook milestones, drafted as a Facebook timeline, of course.


  • Get the picture-  understand what someone is trying to explain to you
  • as a duck takes to water-  instinctively

What impact do you think Facebook has had in your life?


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