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Experience camps are free summer camps that help kids overcome the death of a loved one.  Kids have the chance to grieve at their own pace surrounded by other kids who are living in the exact same situation, so they truly understand each other.


At Experience Camp, kids no longer feel alone and stop carrying the pain by themselves and get to talk with the other kids about what happened and how they feel. But the camp is not only for working through their bereavement. Campers have the opportunity to enjoy different activities and make lasting friendships.


It’s never easy to know when is the kid going to open up; it could be at a bonfire or while playing a game with the other campers. The beautiful thing is everyone is ready to listen when it happens.

Eddy, who is part of the camp’s board of directors, says that when a camper decides to open up, it is indeed a unique moment. At the end of the camp, kids know the tools they need to have in order to deal with their pain, to manage their feelings, and to help others to do so.

Most importantly, counselors tell the campers about an invisible string – “Even though they can’t see it, this string ties all the campers and counselors of Experience together and acts as a constant reminder they are never alone


Check out this video about the camp!


  • Grieve (verb)- To feel or express great sadness
  • Bereavement (noun)-  A period of mourning after a loss, especially after the death of a lovedone
  • String-  A piece of strong, thin rope

Is there a similar type of  program where you live?

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  1. Owain says:

    This is a very interesting and important article Andrea. I had no idea this initiative existed. Thanks!

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