Expedition 196

Cassandra De Pecol had two major goals: To be the first documented woman to travel to all the sovereign nations on the planet and to be the fastest person to travel to all 196 nations (which means making the trip  in less than 3 years and 3 months). It looks like she will achieve both goals! Her journey started on July 24th, 2015. So far, she has traveled to 181 countries out of 196!


Cassandra is only 27 years old and she is about to become the youngest women traveling around  the whole world in such a short amount of time. She has spent around £160,000 which includes 254 airplane tickets! The good thing is that most of her trip has been funded by sponsors and she gets free accommodation in exchange for social media posts.



She explains “I choose to live my life in a unique way. To live an iconic, low key lifestyle where I do what I want, when I want, and inspire those along the way”  During her trip she has been able to visit unbelievable places and live unforgetable  memories all has been documented with amazing pictures you can see on her Instagram. To make it a Guiness World Record she needs to visit the other 15 countries in 40 days! We are sure she will make it!



Do you want to know Cassandra’s secret? She never stays in one place for more than three days.  Wow!!


  • Make it: To achieve one’s goal
  • Funded:  A sum of money or other resources set aside for a specific purpose

How could you reorganize your life so that you could take a trip like this?

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