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Recently we talked about different kinds of intelligence and learning styles and how people do different things when they are learning a new skill. Luci Gutiérrez -an illustrator from Barcelona-  spent some time in New York working and trying to learn English. She was unhappy because after trying every method, course and book in the market she still felt useless at speaking English. She felt so stressed trying to memorize vocabulary and grammar items that she started writing them down in a notebook with drawings that helped her remember them.

After her stay in the Big Apple, she still thought that her English was terrible, but the illustrations had definitely helped her and her notebook was the thing she missed the most when she realised at Barcelona airport that someone had stolen her handbag. Luckily, the thief didn’t share her opinion and she got the notebook back.

Her book might  not be the definitive solution for all your language learning problems, but it is a beautiful piece of graphic art full of extremely witty drawings that illustrate vocabulary, idioms and grammar items from beginner to intermediate level.


  • Hopeless (adj): Unable to learn, function, etc It is used informally to say that someone has no skill or ability to do something.
  • Useless (adj): In an informal context it means ineffectual, weak, or stupid.
  • Witty (adj): With an intelligent or clever sense of humour

Do you find drawings and illustrations in general useful for learning? Do you ever make your own drawings? What other strategies do you use e.g. for learning new vocabulary? How would you illustrate the vocabulary items listed above?


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