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It is true that children are like sponges and nowadays technology is present in almost each and every moment. Kids today are digital natives and English is a language that opens a lot of doors in our society. The British Council has meshed these two things and has created both a website to make this learning enjoyable and a collection of apps with enjoyable and fun content for children to improve their English.

Do you like listening to stories and songs in English? There is a section called listen and watch where you will find lots of animated songs, stories, cartoons and videos. You can play the vocabulary games before you watch then download an activity as well. You can also practise your speaking with their fun tongue twisters.

children fingertips

In this section there is also a part where you can learn new vocabulary. Every week they teach you ‘the word of the week’ which is a great way to learn new words and also they add videos done by children from the UK to show the rest of the children how to use these new words. Isn’t it  fantastic?

If you want your children to practise reading and writing, there is a section where you can read lots of really funny jokes in English and then you can also write about lots of different every day and easy topics like Halloween, the family or New Year resolution.

Probably one of the most difficult skills for everybody who is learning a new language are the listening and the speaking parts. There is a section to practice your listening but, what happens with the speaking? Don’t worry! Here’s a section where your children can practice this skill as well, learning how to speak and spell English words with two lovely little aliens.

children fingertips 2

And don’t forget the grammar! Grammar is always the boring part when you are learning a language. For this reason, there are lots of games for children to practice and make it more fun. They have to order words to create sentences as fast as they can.  Like a grammar race!

This lovely aliens are the protagonists of the apps which are perfect for your Easter holiday travels. They are available for iOS or Android and the best thing is that it is free!

This app is called LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories. The story follows super space spies Sam and Pam as they arrive on Earth and learn how to speak, spell and pronounce English words.


children fingertips 3

fingertips 4

Click here to know more about this amazing apps!

 Let’s get started!


  • Fingertip (idiom): immediately and easily available
  • Tongue twisters (n): a word or sequence of words that is difficult to pronounce because of so many similar sounds in a row, or because of some slight changes in consonant sounds
  • Jokes (n): a short, humorous story with a word or phrase that ends it and causes laughter.
  • Skills (n): the knowledge or ability to do something well.

What do you think about learning a language this way?

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