The Walking Dead vs. Toy Story

Apparently, these are 2 different stories aimed at  2 different audiences. The Walking Dead is for adults and Toy Story for children.

But are they really so different?

Can you think of any ways Toy Story mirrors TWD, or vice versa?  Think about the main characters (Both have a  cowboy at the center of the story) and move on from there.  Think about children, villains, walking inanimate objects, creatures bent on destruction.

Then watch this video to see just how similar the zombie series and the Pixar film are.

It is a fun way  to refresh your memory about both Toy Story and The Walking Dead, or to get interested and start watching it, in English of course!

WARNING: There are spoliers in the video. If you have not watched The Walking Dead Series 1,2,3 and Toy Story 1,2,3 please be aware that images related to the stories will be shown.

Which of the comparisons did you think were the funniest?

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