Chocolate: love at first sight

Everybody loves chocolate in all forms, sizes and textures. We are obsessed with them all. It doesn’t matter if it is dark chocolate, milk chocolate or even white chocolate. It is believed that it makes people feel that they are putting on weight, but probably not everyone knows that it is extremely beneficial.

Death by chocolate

Do you know that chocolate can be considered a drug? It has an amino acid that produces serotonin which is able to generate happiness, peace and that calm feeling. Apart from that, chocolate also produces a kind of amphetamine that produces euphoria and comfort.

It could also help you lose weight. According to some experts, eating a small amount of dark chocolate from time to time can slow down digestion so that you feel fuller longer and eat less at your next meal.

It is true that everything is good but in the right amount. Chocolate in moderation could be good for your health. It was demonstrated that dark chocolate improves your cardiac circulation and it also has low levels of cholesterol.

Chocolate pizza. Yeah, it's a thing

Moreover, chocolate helps us to get better skin appearance due to its ingredients (sugar or milk), which can combat acne. Its high levels of antioxidants protect us from UV radiation.

But the most important thing is that it improves brain function. Researchers discovered that those who drank two cups of cocoa every day for a month had improved blood flow to the brain, performing better on memory tests. Chocolate makes us smarter!

Infographic about the benefits of eating chocolate

When you are a child, what we feel with chocolate is like love at first sight. Our mums were warning us all the time that too much chocolate could be bad for our teeth but… Did you know that chocolate has a kind of ingredient which could actually prevent tooth decay instead of provoking it? According to the American Dental Association, chocolate contains calcium and phosphate, two ingredients that help us to avoid tooth decay.

Next time you eat chocolate, you will not feel guilty anymore!


  • Put on weight (verb): to gain weight, to get fat.
  • Blood flow (noun): The movement of blood through the vessels.
  • Tooth decay (noun): A health problem which consist of the destruction of the outer surface of a tooth which can lead to cavities

Everybody, let’s eat chocolate! How much chocolate do you eat per day? Do you think it’s beneficial for you?

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