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Have you ever heard about Bossaball?

Bossaball is a sport that was created in 2013 by Filip Eyckmans,a Belgian man who has been living in Spain for more than ten years. When he was young, he played tennis, football and he was a DJ at private parties.

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Reindeer Games

When winter rolls around, it usually brings with it all of the cold weather fun- skiing, sledding, skating, and racing.  Racing, you might quickly point out is not the most typical of winter sports here in Spain, unless it is

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Bubble soccer, the funniest sport ever!

bubble soccer

Welcome to football for clumsy people! Bubble soccer is the new fashionable sport.  People play football inside a huge bubble and what makes this sport different is that there are no rules. You can fall, kick, crush or even bounce.

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Are all female football players “of an appropriate gender” ?

footbal players

Since 2011, the participating teams in the world cup have been required to sign a declaration guaranteeing that all players nominated to it were “of an appropriate gender.” This followed controversy in the 2011 women’ s African Championships final after

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What the hell is cricket?

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 logo

And how do you play it? Cricket is one of the (many) team sports that originated in the British isles. Believe it or not, it is considered the number two sport in the world in terms of popularity, so think

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