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Let’s do something for nothing!!!

“Do something for nothing”, a movement created by Josh Coombes, a hairdresser that decided to help homeless people by doing what he does best: Cutting their hair. He decided to take to the streets of London and cut homeless people’s

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One step towards equality

Meet Ayesha Aziz a young Muslim woman whose dream was to become a pilot, and guess what? She succeeded! Ayesha is the first female pilot from Kashmir, India. She was born and raised in India and she always loved planes

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Can the € survive Brexit?

Brexit! Oh My God! Don’t panic! The British are seeing the pound fall as the first sign of the economic consequences of voting to leave the EU, but what about the euro? Find out how Brexit might affect the EU

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New play- All female cast!

It’s summer and we love going to the beach but english theatre sounds good too! Come and enjoy the new play from Georgina Tremayne: ” Thelma and Louise- and Karen”. To know more about the play click here. Dates Friday 22

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Love me, love my dog!!

We love our dogs right?? We walk them, feed them, speak to them, cuddle and caress them, they’re another member of our family. And we have many expressions related to dogs.- Love me, love my dog, I’m as sick as

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