Bubble soccer, the funniest sport ever!

Welcome to football for clumsy people! Bubble soccer is the new fashionable sport.  People play football inside a huge bubble and what makes this sport different is that there are no rules. You can fall, kick, crush or even bounce. The main objective of this sport is to have fun and a good laugh!

The first time that people watched this sport was in Norway on television in 2011 but progressively more and more people are playing it. In the United States there are even Bubble soccer leagues.

Famous people such as Jimmy Fallon have played this on TV. On Jimmy Fallon’s show we can see Colin Farrell and other famous celebrities crashing against each other in the most absurd way.



  • Clumsy (Adj): awkward in movement or use; lacking skill.
  • To kick (Verb): to strike with the foot or feet
  • To bounce (Verb): to (cause to) strike a surface and rebound.

Are you ready for a match of bubble soccer?

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