BIG Presents “Welcome Home” featuring Impro Acatomba

Barcelona holds something magical for all of us. It’s why so many expats, including the members of Barcelona Improv Group and so many in our community, have adopted Barcelona as their home, and in turn been welcomed by Barcelonins into this amazing city. BIG’s January show aims to capture the spirit of connection, welcoming, and sharing that has allowed Barcelona to be a haven for so many. In “Welcome Home,” BIG will share the stage with local Catalan stars Impro Acatomba. Each team will perform its signature improvisation in the first act, and join forces in the second act for a bilingual blend of cultures and comedy!

Barcelona_Improv_Group_BIG-logo (1)

Date: 22 January

Time: 20:30 – 23:00

Location: Tinta Roja, C/Creu dels Molers 17

Tickets 10 euros here. 



  • Expat-  short for “expatriate”  which means someone who lives in a country other than the one where they hold citizenship.
  • Haven-  a safe place, a sancutary.
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