Do you remember the spoof video we posted recently about the dangers of Instagram? Food pictures have become a classic on this social network alongside other uninteresting everyday nonsense people love to post on their accounts.

Food posting on Instagram has become such a widespread phenomenon that scientists have decided to use it in order to study how looking at these photos might affect our appetite and therefore, the way we eat. Researchers from the School of Management at Brigham Young University tested 232 students by exposing them to a large number of food Instagrams of either sweets or savories and then offered each one of them a bag of salty peanuts.


What do you think their reaction was?

Do you think that those who had gone through pictures of sweet treats reacted differently from those who had been looking at photos of savories? Find out here!






  • Savory (adj/n): salty or spicy; not sweet.

  • Reckon (v): to think or suppose; be of the opinion.

  • Urge (n): a strong impulse, inner drive, or yearning.

Have you ever posted a picture of a scrumptious plate of food or refreshing drink? Will you think  twice the next time you feel the urge to Instagram your meal?

Let us know!

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