Barbershops are back!!

For a woman, having an appointment at the hairdressers means an hour just for them in which they can be pampered and taken care of. And nowadays men are able to experience the same treatment as barbershops seem to be enjoying a revival. After disappearing in the nineties when unisex salons appeared all over towns, men must be happy to hear that they’re back.  And they’re offering the same kind of service, giving not just a good haircut or shave at a fair price but a social space where men can be men and enjoy the conversation of men.

So why are they on the increase? Many reasons have been given, from the hipsters culture with their beards and lifestyle to the millennials with more free cash to spend. Who knows the real reason  but one thing’s for sure, they’re back and here to stay.

And if you’re not concerned about how far you need to travel for a haircut, why don’t you check out Scumbags- said to be the world’s best barber- but you will need to get to Rotterdam- to see for yourself. Maybe it might be best to have a look and see what’s on offer before you book your tickets here-

Or closer to home is Ruts barbershop in Girona- read about the pampering you can enjoy here.


  • pampered (adj.)- to be given special treatment and indulgence
  • revival (noun) – returning to be part of society again
  • shave (noun)- removal of hair with a razor
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