Back to school is not so easy

Children around the world telling us about their daily trip to school

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Some parents in our society can feel happy that their children return to school, as many children worldwide have to make dangerous journeys to receive education.

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1. Elementary school students crossing a river on inflated tire tubes, Rizal Province, Philippines.

2. Kids flying 800m on a steel cable 400m above the Rio Negro River, Colombia.

3. School girls walking across a plank on the wall of the 16th century Galle Fort.

back to school 5

Think about it:

Around the world there are more than 115 million children of primary-school age unable to attend school. And so, they are deprived of exercising their right to education.

Organizations, like “Ayuda en Acción”, are trying to raise awareness, because it is not so easy for all families to send their children to school. For his reason, they promote this joint initiative with the slogan: “Solidarity Backpack, I carry the world on my back”

If you buy this backpack, you can provide a child with two meals a day.

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  •  Awareness: Having knowledge of something
  • Deprived: Lacking in advantage, opportunity, or experience
  • Joint:  Shared by or common to two or more.

I am carrying the world on my back! Are you?

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