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Are we wired for language?

The beauty and weirdness of the human brain

We’ve all tried countless language courses and learning methods in our lives – with greater or less success. Most of us have been victims of “traditional” methods consisting of long hours spent with hefty grammar books, translating lists of random

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Today is the day: UK Election 2015

Ballot box

Today the British people are voting for their 56th parliament-and therefore for their new prime minister. This is one of the closest elections ever and with the last elections in 2010 ending up in a coalition government, 5 years later

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Are you the lyrics master? Here’s a challenge for you!

Freddy is the real pro

If you love music and want to test your listening comprehension skills Lyricstraining is your new favourite website. You’ll find a comprehensive list of music videos there, but with a twist: you’ll have to fill in gaps for missing words

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The language of emojis

Emoji loving face

Languages are different around the world and somehow reflect different ways of understanding the reality around us. Some say that music is the universal language and these days many people would say that emojis are too…but do we all use

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Creating your own educational app couldn’t be easier!

Children and IT... They're probably better at it than you

Have you ever thought that you or your kids could be the creators of your very own educational app? With some pictures, an idea and a bit of imagination the app called Tiny Taps enables you to create an app

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