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Speak to the world: Informal learning

Lose your inhibitions, find the child inside you and have fun with your English. Find out how informal learning can help you develop your English skills doing whatever you enjoy most. Find your passion! And follow it in English! Self

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Speak To The World: Dress Code

dress code

Jeans, sandals, strapless tops, T-shirts….should we be allowed to wear them at work? Tattoos and piercings….taboo or the new normal? Does your employer have a dress-code? Find out more on what to wear at work…. Self Study Before you listen

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Speak to the world: Meat – Less is More

Meat - Less is More podcast

Meat! Some people love it, vegetarians never eat it. But did you know that global meat production was responsible for more harmful emissions than all forms of transportation? Find out how eating more rabbit and less beef can help the

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App Snap! Musixmatch

Musixmatch app

We know you all love listening to music and it’s great fun to learn the words (or lyrics, as we say in English). With this fab App, you can get the lyrics to display on your smartphone or tablet on

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Speak To The World: The Power of the Sun

Solar panels

The Sun. We’re getting plenty of it at the moment as the heat of summer starts us thinking of our holidays. It makes us feel happy when it shines, of course! It’s the source of earth’s energy, and here are

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