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Living the good life

‘’Welcome to the good life’’ sang Kanye West in one of his first hits. We’d all like to be welcomed to the good life. Of course this ‘good life’ that we want to be living means something different for everyone.

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What’s going on?

Have a look at this- a lovely image of three friends enjoying the sunshine. Perfectly innocent right? Please look again. This image is the latest in a long line to have gone viral that has been baffling Internet users. Read

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Look, no hands?

We’re surely all aware that we’re currently going through a huge revolution in the transport industry. We first heard the concept of self-driving cars many moons ago, and it seems that this is going to be part of our lives

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‘Smart clothes’ that are too smart.

As we step into autumn, the laborious task of putting away our summer wardrobe will need to be done. The positive side is that we might find something surprising when we dig out our autumn collection. Something that we had

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What can a robot do?

September 16th will be remembered as an important date in the calendar for Apple lovers around the world. Release day of the iPhone 7. Queues outside Apple stores worldwide got longer and longer. But many customers in New Zealand didn’t

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