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What do you think when you hear the following? English Nigerian Poor African Mexican American What are the images that play in your head when you hear any of these words? What comes to mind? It’s likely that no matter

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BIG presents “The Real Housewives of BIG”

BIG Drama, BIG Hair, Just a little bit of plastic surgery Let us take you on a journey to the fabulous world of the rich and entitled with The Real Housewives of BIG. These ladies who lunch are full of

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Space: the funny frontier

“Space,” said Douglas Adams, “is big. Really big.” Well, this April 23rd those words will prove truer than ever, when space and her good pal time finally receive the B.I.G. treatment, as Barcelona’s favourite English-speaking comedy improvisers launch their very

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BIG Presents: The Joke’s on Us!

It’s April Fool’s Day, but we’re leaving the door wide open because YOU get to pull the tricks. Watch as interruptions and instructions fly at random and actors squirm under non-stop fire. The cast won’t know what hit them, but

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Want to improve your life? Adopt a pet!

Despite the obvious downsides of owning a pet (expensive visits to the vet, the possibility that your favorite pair of shoes gets chewed on, and finding someone to keep it for you during your long summer holidays), sharing your life

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