Art for your stomach

When you think of art, do you think of museums, workshops, street fairs or art galleries?  Probably, but don’t forget the art that can come from an unexpected place-  the kitchen.

Edible art might seem difficult for the everyday cook,   but once you’ve let your imagination run wild, you can probably find a way to take your ideas and make them into real, small pieces of art that you can nibble.

Video of The Mondrian Cake

Cake decorating and cupcake making has become more popular recently in Spain, and you can find decorating tools in most supermarkets to help turn the next birthday cake  you make into your very own work of art.  You can make the base from scratch, or, if you want to start off small, you can start with decorating something store-bought.  A cookie makes a great canvas for you to paint on-  with frosting instead of acrylics.

Video-  how to do your own cookies 4 easy techniques

They say we eat with our eyes, and these cookies are almost too beautiful to even want to eat. Almost.

Mondrian cake:   It works! Here is a blog with step by step instructions.


  • Nibble: verb that means “to take small bites of something”
  • From scratch: to make something from scratch means to make it from the most basic ingredients
  • Frosting-  the sugary topping on cakes and other sweets

If you like using art as a way to practice your English you can look at this link to street art, or here at speaking about collage.

What do you think of the decorating craze?

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